Monday, June 26, 2006

Introduction (Louise)

Welcome to our report as delegates at the 2006 UU General Assembly in St. Louis, MO. We are Louise Hornor and Sean Welsh, husband and wife. For those of you unfamiliar with how a blog works, a few explanations are in order.

First, the entries are in reverse chronological order. If you read from this entry down, you will be traveling backwards in time. It probably makes more sense if you start by clicking here and reading upwards. If you do, you will notice that there are more entries further down. That's because I (Louise) was a delegate in 2005 and used this same blog to record my impressions then. So, if you really want to start at the beginning and work forward from GA 2005 in Ft. Worth, TX, click here.

Sean and I posted our entries in an intermingled, all-inclusive, higgledy-piggledy, rather UU sort of way, which is how we do pretty much everything. Recognizing that a casual reader might not hear our individual voices very clearly, we've put the name of the author for a given entry in parentheses at the beginning of the post.

A few photos and one brief video are also included to break up the monotony of the written word. We hope you find this blog an interesting account of GA 2006. Feel free to comment by clicking the word "Comment" at the bottom of any given entry. Or, you may email us at louise.hornor (at) and slwelsh (at)

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