Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting in the GA groove (Louise)

GA starts in two days and I'm starting to look forward to it. In the last several months I've been reading a number of UU bloggers and of course the discussions now are mostly about General Assembly. One asked who was blogging for GA, which prompted me to get this site ready. That primarily involved capturing the official GA image and sticking it into the blog template. Beyond that, the software does it all. Gotta love these free blog sites.

Sean downloaded the GA program in .PDF format several weeks ago, but I haven't looked at it at all. I like to take the printed hard copy and page through it, highlighting and circling interesting things. Since our snail mail will not catch up to us before GA starts, I'll have to pick up a copy at registration and begin my planning on Wednesday. Non-negotiables for me: choir practice and plenaries. I understand there is a UU blogger session this year and I'd really like to attend that. It would be great to put some faces with the voices I've been reading lately.

At some later date, I'd like to write about how much more connected I've become by reading these UU blogs. This full-time living in an RV, always on the road, is a lonely one from a UU standpoint.

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Robin Edgar said...

Have you gotten connected with The Emerson Avenger yet? He is blogging for GA in his own special way. . . ;-)