Friday, June 22, 2007

Open Space Breakout Session Titles (Louise)

Sean mentioned in one of his posts how cryptic the Open Space breakout session titles were. The master schedule format limits the title to 40 characters, including spaces. Note that this is NOT an Open Space Technology limitation. OST doesn't require any particular format at all; in fact, the session titles could be hand-written on a piece of butcher paper in crayon. This was an artifact of the way the printed and electronic schedules were published at this GA.

To give you a flavor, here are the session choices that were available at 4:30 today. Participants initially choose sessions based entirely on these titles.

Model the future of religious relationship
How shall we better embody our 7th principle
How can we become more anti-racist
Forming and promoting UU religious identity
Articulating our faith to the world
Vehicles for participation
To provide excellent youth ministry
Reparations/healing for racist history
Well-being for all: a moral foundation
Just immigration policy
Minority scholarships to promote equality
Universalism, a courageous hospitality
Meeting the needs of those who come
More love, baby!
Sustaining the earth
Commitment to support youth retention
UUA becoming a peace denomination
Owning and using our collective identity
Dialogue with the world: uu mass media

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