Friday, June 22, 2007

How could I forget? (Louise)

I almost forgot to mention the UU Blogger workshop this afternoon! (Can you tell the IA thing got me riled up?)

iMinister, ChaliceChick, Philocrites, and UU Planet were the panelists and did a fine job presenting the ins and out of blogging. The crowd was extremely mixed, from those who admitted to not ever having seen a blog to those of us who regularly maintain one.

My big thrill was meeting PeaceBang and thanking her for inspiring me to look for other UU bloggers. My daily fix of 5 or 6 UU blogs has become a vital part of my spiritual journey. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking, but all are authentic UU voices that I can hear every day from anywhere in the world. For an isolated CLFer who lives quite literally anywhere in the world, that is a real blessing.

CLF folks can appreciate how wonderful it is to finally put faces to names we've only seen online.

I hope that the Church of the Larger Fellowship will consider using blogs as another method of sharing our voices. I would love, for instance, to read one written by Jane Rzepka. How about one that shares the letters from our incarcerated members? We have wonderful, lively interns and strong connections with the Church of the Younger Fellowship; how about blogs from them?

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Jay said...

Rev. Rzepka should definitely blog. What a great idea!