Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GA thoughts still swirling around (Louise)

This Boy in the Bands post motivated me to write about my reaction to the final Open Space vote on 30 statements. My thoughts are in the comments on his site.

On a related note, I've really been enjoying following the GA commentary in other blogs. I'm using to find many UU sites . I feel like part of a real community and love the variety of voice and attitudes. As Jane would say, "Isn't that just like church?"


UU-Mom said...
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UU-Mom said...

What a neat way to create a report! I love the internet and enjoy finding out new ways to use it. :-)

I also appreciate the pointer to the Open Space information as I didn't participate in that at all and I skipped most of the plenary sessions since I wasn't a delegate. I did however watch the video about Plenary VII which included exciting debate and moving, thoughtful interaction. Angel Savoy James, who spoke 3 times is from the same church I'm from and it was her first GA. Gini Courter suggested that people who want to know about the AIWs, especially Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell to watch it. It's on this page - Sunday morning.

In case you're interested, I reported about the Pre-GA Green Tour on my blog including photos - scroll down to June 19.

Louise said...

Thanks! I have read and enjoyed your blog, as well.