Monday, June 25, 2007

Recovering (Louise)

We're both taking some much-needed downtime today and may (or may not) finish our GA blogging tomorrow. It is amazing how exhausting GA is.

I will say right now that Portland is now at the top of my list of places to eventually settle down, strictly on the basis of the excellent First Unitarian Church's choir(s). First UU sent a choir (a combination of two or more of their regular choirs) to GA for closing ceremony and they were so good, so tight, so professional. I doubt that the streaming video captured it, but having been a member of about a dozen choirs, this one was among the best I've ever heard. The Sanctus was exquisite. The opportunity to hear them was adequate compensation for not singing in the service myself.

The GA choir sang a short concert in the 30 minutes preceding Plenary VIII. They did a fine job, even without me. It's good that they didn't follow First UU Portland, though. Five rehearsals under even the best director just can't compare to years of working together. I hope that the GA choir members had a rewarding experience this year, even without being part of Closing Ceremony. By day two of GA, I was grateful not to have the added time burden of rehearsals.

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