Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Boxed In

This afternoon as I was checking us into the campground, the woman behind the counter politely asked what brought us to Ft. Worth? I mentioned that we were here for a conference, and she said, "Oh, are you part of the church group?" I said I was, and she showed me the prayer boxes she had purchased for her gift shop. They were small, intricately decorated boxes on necklaces and key chains. I have no idea what a prayer box is used for, but I admired the pretty little silver charms.

Do the boxes come prefilled with prayers? Do you insert your own? Or do they contain the answered prayers? I did not open one, so I don't know if there is a piece of paper, like a fortune cookie has, inside. If there was, would it contain lucky lottery numbers?

Having grown up in a Presbyterian household, I thought I had seen most of the standard Christian items. After 20 years in California, I also thought I'd seen most everything else. But I was flumoxed by prayer boxes, and too embarrassed to ask. Perhaps later in the week I'll work up the courage to find out more.

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