Monday, June 27, 2005

Mysterious and wonderful

WOW!!! I am so jazzed about Closing Ceremony, I am dancing on air! What a fabulous, moving, exciting, thrilling, wonderful sacred time it was!

I know from past experience that being involved in a service always makes it better for me. I've given sermons, read children's stories, lit chalices, recited poetry, and performed music at many UU services. But never have I been part of a group singing to 5,000 people, at least 500 of whom were in a conga line. That's right: there was a conga line of happy, laughing UUs snaking through the Ft. Worth convention center arena. The song was Dance With Me:

Dance with me, querida, into the Mystery.
Celebrate, we'll light the flame.
Take my hand, we'll move together on a journey.
As we sing the song of love that calls our name.

Dance with me, sing with me. Celebrate the Mystery!

GA has been a Mystery in the best sense for me. What is the love and dedication behind the work to set it all up and make it run smoothly? What touches all the hearts and opens all the wallets to bring thousands of people from literally all 50 states and several other countries together? What magic makes it happen and makes it moving? I don't know, and I don't think it matters. The feelings are real and present.

Blessed be!

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