Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Lost and found

This morning I downloaded the PDF version of the GA Program and started looking for sessions to attend. The most important activity at GA for me is the choir. I searched the program high and low and could not find any choir rehearsals. Oh, no! I looked in the index; no listing for choir. I looked under Music; lots of sessions, but none of them choir.

I was so upset, I went into the bedroom and cried. No choir! We've driven 1500 miles across 100+ degree desert and GA has no choir this year! I almost said to Sean, "Let's just forget it; its not worth it." But we have other business in Ft. Worth, so we packed up and pressed on.

Now that we have settled in for the night, I fired my computer back up and searched again for rehearsal listings. This time, it came right up: Choir Orientation, Thursday afternoon at 4:30. I have to admit, I burst into tears again, I am so relieved.

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