Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Today we tested the Ft. Worth transit system and were pleased to find how easy it is to get to the Convention Center. We are staying at a small RV park about 2 miles west of downtown, and the #2 bus takes us within a block of our target on both ends.

We registered, picked up our program and ribbons, had a nice dinner at the local Italian restaurant, and headed back to the coach. Our closest neighbor at the RV park is also attending GA, selling jewelry as an exhibitor. Maybe she knows about prayer boxes? Hmm.

I read through the entire program, highlighting sessions that looked interesting, circling those that are "mandatory" (Plenaries and choir rehearsals, of course!) Fond memories of GA2003 came flooding back. I can't wait to jump into the good work of the Plenaries; I'm a bit of a process junkie.

Tomorrow during opening Plenary #1, many of us CLF delegates have agreed to sit together. Since most of us have never met face to face, we have decided to wear red bandannas. Hopefully, a red bandanna is not a gang symbol here like it is in San Jose, or I'll have trouble on the city bus...

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